Why GeoMotionTV?

  • Brain Development
    GeoMotion TV curriculum is created based on the latest brain research that has demonstrated that the combination of music, movement, and academic concepts helps brain development.
  • More Brain Connections
    GeoMotion TV is multisensory. Research shows that children make more brain connections when seeing, hearing, saying, and doing (multisensory learning).
  • Increased Academic Scores
    GeoMotion TV has proven results. Studies show a 30% increase in test scores with the use of GeoMotion TV activities.
  • Fun Content
    GeoMotion TV content is so much fun that participants do not even realize they are learning. Research shows that more learning takes place when the educational content is fun!
  • Learnercise Mat as a Teaching Tool
    GeoMotion TV curriculum is developed around a Learnercise Mat. The mat allows abstract ideas to become concrete and provides deep contextual meaning that helps children learn.

In a Few Words

  1. The Learnercise Mats provide the visual cues of where to move.

  2. Meaningful lyrics set to music provide the learning content.

  3. Activities using multiple senses provide brain integration for maximum learning.

GeoMotion TV Winning Formula

Meaningful Movement + Fun = Increased Brain Functioning

It is important to note that for maximum learning, a parent, other adult, teacher, or older child should provide positive feedback to encourage the learner.

More Info

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