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  • Dr. James Fadigan, Founder of Learn to Learn - Orlando, FL
    "What integrates the brain is movement! Learnercise is about movement, rhythm, and the child having fun, which enhances brain functioning by providing multisensory learning."
  • Dr. Ashleigh Molloy, President of Transformation Education Institute - Canada
    The primary students using the program did increase their knowledge of words and vocabulary...In addition to their development in terms of literacy skills and, of course, their coordination skills, they had a lot of fun.
  • Susan Haury, CHES, CPT; Slater-Marietta Elementary School - Marietta, SC
    The students enjoy learning with the mats. The multi-sensory experience provides for much more efficient learning than the traditional methods of sitting at a desk! The students smile, laugh, and ask for repeat sessions; how often do you hear, "I'd like to do that worksheet again!?"
  • Jenny - Lincoln, NE
    Flixercise will be an awesome addition to our 6-year-old daughter's physical activity and learning opportunities. Flix will be great way to stay active during cold weather and is a fun source of entertainment.
  • Joanne Lehman, Westcliff Elementary - Greenville, SC
    Third grade says the mats are their favorite part of the day. Who would of thought learning multiplication would be the best part of the day?
  • Sarah Honeyager, 4th Grade Teacher
    I particularly love how the songs are all different genres, making the music interesting to move to. It also helps increase students' listening and processing skills. It's the perfect blend of learning, movement, and fun. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to use them so much!
  • Laura Clausen and Sara Schmitt, K-2 Special Education Teachers - Grundy Center, IA
    Using the Phone Mats, have helped our children with ADHD especially, to stay on task and be excited about their learning. We work with kindergartners, first graders and second graders. We have used number recognition, colors, letter recognition, word spelling, addition and subtraction with our Mats. Our kids love to get the Mats out to learn! They think they are playing, but we know they are learning! They are retaining more information because they are learning kinesthetically! We feel so grateful for the opportunity to develop our kids into excited learners by using the curriculum!

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