Physical Education

GeoMotion TV - Physical Education

Physical Education

Children need to be physically active and learn better when activities combine meaningful information, music and physical activity. 

  • Provide a variety of academic, dance, fitness & health activities indoors with limited space.

  • Send students back to their classrooms focused and ready to learn.

  • Provide multi-sensory activities that will provide multiple pathways to “wire the brain.”  Example:  A child is learning about the letter A and words that begin with A whilethey pretend to fly an airplane, act like an  ant, or an alligator.

What you can do!

Teachers should support learning that is in the classroom by integrating STEM, literacy, and nutrition concepts into physical education. 

Provide leadership to teachers and staff to add more physical activity during a child’ day.

Keep it easy and simple - try many of the GeoMotionTVs over 275 videos on-line that would provide a variety of physical activities and integrate STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), literacy, number awareness, color awareness, health and nutrition as well as provide developmentally appropriate dance and fitness.  Get a free Basic Membership and try it out for fun!