Indoor Recess

GeoMotion TV Indoor Recess


Too cold, too hot, too windy, lack of space, or it’s raining / snowing and you can’t go outside?  Children still need physical activity!!

  • Educators can easily provide physical activity time with a wide selection and variety of video’s from GeoMotion TV.
  • A small amount of space, beside desks, is all that is need for quality moving.
  • Children need physical activity and also to learn academic concepts – Movement based academics that integrate math, literacy, science and other academic areas are a win-win for the teacher!

What you can do!

Get children up moving by incorporating a variety of physical activities in lieu of outdoor recess.  

Keep it easy and simple - try many of the GeoMotionTVs over 275 videos on-line that would provide a variety of physical activities and integrate STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), literacy, health and nutrition.  Get a free Basic Membership and try it out for fun!    

You can keep children moving even inside!