Brain Breaks


For optimal learning children need brain breaks from academics. A brain break is a short, energizing burst of physical activity.  

  • Research shows that children need to move every 10 to 17 minutes or they lose focus and need many brain breaks during each day.  Young children may need to move more often.
  • Physical activity circulates the blood and brings more oxygen & glucose to the brain, which means a more alert and focused brain.
  • Physical activity bursts can be from 3 – 5 minutes. 
  • Children need physical activity to be healthy so brain breaks are a win-win!

What you can do!

Get children up moving by incorporating a variety of brain breaks during the day.  

Keep it easy and simple - try many of the GeoMotionTVs over 275 videos on-line that would provide a variety of physical activities and integrate STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), literacy, health and nutrition.  Get a free Basic Membership and try it out for fun!  

 Remember - Movement “energizes” the brain!