Afterschool Programs

GeoMotion TV AfterSchool Programs


Quality afterschool programs provide opportunities for children to grow and learn.  

  • Research shows that children and youth who attend afterschool programs do better in school, are safer, and get in less trouble. 
  • Afterschool programs can enhance children’s academic achievement.
  • Goals of afterschool programs include increased physical activity and health education

What you can do!

Provide an easy to deliver program that includes academics as well as physical activity. GeoMotion TV provides a “plug and play” program that eliminates training and allows staff to easily deliver activities.

Keep it easy and simple - try many of the GeoMotionTVs over 275 videos on-line that would provide a variety of physical activities and integrate STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), literacy, health and nutrition.  Get a free Basic Membership and try it out for fun!

You can keep children moving and learning afterschool!