Curriculum K-2 Binder with K-2 DVD


Product Description


The  Curriculum K – 2nd  Grade Classroom Binder integrates lesson plans using the Learnercise Phone Mats to combine math, shapes, and hip hop to encourage students to move while learning. 

Binder lesson plans include:
• Seated work using Phone Desk Mats
• Movement connection activities using the Learnercise Phone Mats for active learning
• Extensions on how to enhance or expand lessons
• Worksheets and cut-out manipulative pieces to use on the Desk Mats
Included with the binder is the GeoVariety K -2 DVD, which demonstrates easy-to-follow activities that combine fitness, learning, and dance to build confidence and teamwork.  The GeoVariety K - 2nd Grade DVD uses the GeoMat® or the Learnercise® Phone Mat and is made up of five 15-minute sections covering all aspects of GeoMotion® curriculum. Each section begins with a warm up and ends with an open-ended behavior question for classroom participation.