Ultimate Dance Mix Volume 2 CD


Product Description


Join in on more dancing fun with Ultimate Dance Mix Volume 2 and move to today’s popular music remixed with a twist.  All songs are radio clean with 103-132 progressive beats per minute and are 32 count. Grab your GeoMat® and start dancing away with the music of Ultimate Dance Volume 2.

Music produced exclusively for GeoMotion Group, Inc. by CardioMix Programs.

Audio CD Content

1    I Love Rock and Roll Medley

2    No More Drama

3    In the End

4    In My Pocket

5    Lady Marmalade

6    Dance and Shout

7    Cha Cha Rap

8    I Need to Know

9    Start the Commotion

10    Move Ya Body

11    Da Dip

12    A Little While