Hi Low #2 - Aerobic Attack DVD


Product Description


Join the party and excitement of dance like never before with the Hi-Low Aerobic Advantage (Level 2) DVD! Join Master Trainers Deborah Puskarich and Cammy Dennis as they take hi-low aerobic routines utilizing GeoDance steps up a notch from Hi-Low Aerobic Advantage (Level 1).

Hi-Low Aerobic Advantage (Level 2) DVD demonstrates routines with not one trainer but two. Watch and move with one trainer for the current choreography or watch and move with the other trainer for upcoming moves. This DVD also includes warm-up, stretch, isolation, and cool-down methods.

Get ready for an aerobic adventure with your GeoMat Fitness Mat and Dance Task Cards. Use the GeoDance Task Cards as a learning tool to preview some GeoDance moves applied in the choreography.
This DVD was produced by Dr. Debby Mitchell, President and Founder of GeoMotion Group, Inc., and choreographed by Master Trainers Deborah Puskarich and Cammy Dennis.

Hi-Low Aerobic Advantage (Level 2) DVD Selections
1. Warm-Up—5 Minutes
2. Part 1
3. Part 1 Review
4. Part 2
5. Part 1 & 2 Reviews
6. Part 3
7. Put It All Together
8. Cool Down