GeoMotion Fundamentals DVD


Product Description


The GeoMotion® Fundamentals DVD shows the basic moves and mechanics needed to start working with the GeoMat®.  Join Master Trainer Cammy Dennis as she demonstrates easy-to-follow routines with cueing for proper body alignment.

This DVD is a great way to learn the fundamental GeoShapes such as the square, rectangle, tri-step, x-step, diamond step, and more.  Cammy demonstrates and breaks down a 32-count choreographed routines to create dance combinations.  As the choreography builds, the combinations are put together for a single routine.

The Fundamental Task Cards a great learning tool to preview some of the moves applied in the GeoMotion® Fundamentals choreography.  So, get ready for a fitness adventure with the GeoMotion® Fundamentals DVD, your GeoMat®, and your Fundamental Task Cards!

Track Listing:
1. Fundamental Steps - Part 1
2. Combo 1
3. Counts to a Combo
4. Fundamental Steps - Part 2
5. Combo 2
6. Combos 1 & 2