GeoJam Dance Party DVD


Product Description


Join the party and excitement of dance like never before with the GeoJam Dance PartyDVD!  Master Trainer Nancy Gitlin demonstrates innovative methods that create simple and effective breakdowns for learning jazz and hip hop movements.

The routines on this DVD build confidence as students master contemporary dance moves!  GeoJam Dance Party teaches four different combinations that are combined together in the finale.  This DVD also includes a warm up, stretch, isolation, and a cool down.

The Dance Task Cards are a great learning tool to preview some of the dance moves applied in the GeoJam Dance Party choreography.  So, grab your GeoMat® and Dance Task Cards and get ready for an aerobic adventure!

Track Listing:
1. Warm Up
2. Stretch
3. Isolation
4. Combo 1
5. Combo 2
6. Combo 3
7. Combo 4
8. Entire Routine

  1. 9. Cool Down