GeoFit 1: Speed & Agility DVD


Product Description


Get quick feet and a solid core with the GeoFit 1: Speed & Agility DVD with Deborah Puskarich, Master Trainer and choreographer, and trainer Ralph Santana.  Learn functional exercises using the numbers and lines on the GeoMat® to guide movement and proper alignment.  This DVD promotes a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness while improving self-esteem.

GeoFit 1 provides easy-to-follow directions for drills that use medicine balls, balance discs, and foam rollers in 30- to 60-second drills with gradually increasing intensity.  This is a dynamic fitness workout that helps people of all fitness levels develop their bodies and minds with safe and easy instruction.
Track Listing:
1. Warm Up and Dynamic Stretch
2. Jump Rope and Lunge Series
3. Jumps and Stability Series
4. Xerdisc (Balance) Series
5. Foam Roller Series
6. Cool Down and Stretch