STEM Movement Music CD


Product Description


STEM - Movement Music is a compilation of songs that use the power of music to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for elementary students. Participants will experience Learn while Moving which integrates music and movement, improving academic performance.

*Please note STEM - Movement Music does not require a Learnercise Mat.*

Track Listing:

1. 5-2-1 Almost None
2. Archaeologist
3. Archeology Tools
4. Civil Engineer
5. Civil Engineer - Build a Bridge
6. Dance Math
7. Environmental Scientist
8. Imagine a Landscape
9. Machines Help Us Everyday
10. Math Moves - Counting Backwards
11. On a Nature Walk
12. Physics
13. Simple Machines
14. Technology & Inventions
15. Yard and Garden Tools

Program run time: Approx. 41 Minutes
Recommended Ages 7-12