Exercise Your Smarts Package


Product Description


Kids love to move and it's proven that children learn academic concepts better when those concepts are combined with music and movement. 

Exercise Your Smarts Package includes:

  • Learning Through Movement and Music Book & DVD
  • Exercise Your Smarts Music Cd

This book together with a DVD includes video clips which aids learning through muscle movement. The DVD includes reproducible assessments, lyrics and posters that can be used within the classroom to facilitate learning. "Learning Through Movement and Music" gets school students moving while teaching them about their bodies, health, fitness concepts and how to measure their fitness abilities. The activities themselves cover warming up, stretching, muscle identification and workouts, cardio and interval training, fitness testing, the FITT principle, cooling down and much more. "Learning Through Movement and Music" enlightens students on the benefits, the how-to's, and the why's of exercise and fitness.

This book and DVD include:

1. Background information and song lyrics for each activity.
2. Video clips that introduce each of the 14 activities
3. Lyrics to use as handouts.
4. Posters for many fo the concepts that can be used in the classroom
5. Activity Assessments (including questions and answers, flow charts, a word search, and a crossword puzzle) and teacher answer keys.

Exercise Your Smarts Music CD

Get your students excited about exercise with the Exercise Your Smarts music CD - Fourteen fun and educational tracks educate upper elementary and middle school students on how and why to exercise. While moving, students listen to educational lyrics about their bodies, health, and how to improve their fitness. 

The Exercise Your Smarts curriculum uses the following steps:
1. Warm Up
2. Dynamic Stretch
3. Practice or Play Game
4. Cool Down
5. Static Stretch

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