Joining GeoMotion TV is FREE! A Basic Membership will allow you access to a limited number of GeoMotion TV videos.

As a Basic Member, you can:

  • Access a limited number of GeoMotion TV videos
    Basic members have access to a small portion of the GeoMotion TV video catalog. Upgrade to a Premium Membership to access the entire video catalog.
  • Unlimited viewing
    Enjoy unlimited viewing anytime of the day. Watch your favorite videos as much as you want!
  • Take GeoMotion TV Anywhere
    Your Basic Membership provides you with access to the FREE GeoMotion TV mobile app. The GeoMotion TV mobile app is available for Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches and allows you to access GeoMotion TV videos from anywhere!

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Premium Members receive additional features that enhance the GeoMotion TV experience.

As a Premium Member, you can:

  • Access our complete video library
    GeoMotion TV site provides teachers and families with anytime access to a large variety of fun and engaging physical activity videos with an academic focus. Each video activity is designed to promote movement, brain functioning and learning! New videos are added every month!
  • Build a favorites list
    Quickly and easily access your favorite videos.
  • Track your progress
    View your daily total activity times.

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Group memberships are ideal for schools or organizations that have multiple users at one location.

GeoMotion TV can be used in a variety of ways in a group setting:

  • Support academic curriculum
    Combining movement and learning increases neuron firing and creates more associations in the brain. These connections make it easier for children of all ages to learn.
  • Provide a classroom brain break or energizer
    Most teachers know when their students are getting restless and losing focus. Take a short break to perform one GeoMotion TV video with your students.
    Our videos provide a quick, easy, and meaningful way to get your students up and moving. They will feel alert, energized, and ready to focus on academic content.
  • Stream videos during morning announcements
    Students will start the school day by getting up and moving for 5-10 minutes, then returning to their seats focused and ready to learn.
  • Supplement physical education curriculum
    Use GeoMotion TV when the weather does not permit outdoor activities and provide students with rich content that meets Physical Education Standards for fitness and dance.
  • Enhance before and after-school programming
    Supply students with fun activities that reinforce academic concepts an increase physical activity with dance and fitness videos.

GeoMotion TV is an excellent addition to any school or group setting.

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