GeoMotion TV Benefits

GeoMotion TV offers a wide variety of activities for children ages 4-14+

  • Preschoolers learn colors, numbers, and the alphabet all while moving
  • Elementary age children select from learning activities for literacy, math, and science as well as cheerleading, fitness, and dance
  • Youth can choose from kickboxing, hip-hop, Latin dance, and so much more

Integrates Common Core State Standards

  • Many GeoMotion TV activities are directly aligned with Common Core State Standards. If an activity aligns with Common Core State Standards, the standard (and a link to the official Common Core State Standard website) can be found in the description of the video.

Supports STEM Education

  • The term “STEM education” refers to teaching and learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. GeoMotion TV has a large selection of math activities and a growing library of science activities to support the advancement of STEM education.

Brain Development

  • GeoMotion TV curriculum is created based on the latest brain research that has demonstrated that the combination of music, movement, and academic concepts helps brain development.

More Brain Connections

  • GeoMotion TV is multisensory. We provide fun and engaging physical activities with an academic focus. Research shows that children make more brain connections when seeing, hearing, saying, and doing (multisensory learning).

Solution to inactivity

  • Use modern technology to get your children active! GeoMotion TV can be used anywhere with an Internet connection. There’s even a FREE iOS app that can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Learnercise Mat as a teaching tool

  • GeoMotion TV academic curriculum is developed around a Learnercise Mat. The mat allows abstract ideas to become concrete and provides deep contextual meaning that helps children learn.

Can be performed in a small space

  • With or without the Learnercise Mat, children are able to perform our activities in a small space. This makes GeoMotion TV an ideal solution for classrooms, afterschool, or small areas in the home.

Increased academic scores and learning gains

  • Two research studies showed significant learning gains and a 30% increase in test scores with the use of GeoMotion TV activities.

Fun content

  • GeoMotion TV content is so much fun that participants do not even realize they are learning. Research shows that more learning takes place when the educational content is fun!